There are a way on how to create business online. Start from NO COST to a little bit costly. It is convenience to make money at home, all we need is laptop and internet connection. We dont have to necessarily own a product or a store to promote, other big company products can be licensed for FREE such as and building a website is never been easy than before!

Introductory to Online Business

Most people who are having business online using Affilite Marketing, where we build a website, get it rank on search engines, visitors start coming, promotion begins, and revenue earned! This type of business can be automated after we have built it properly. Just leave it there and money keep pouring in.

How shocking the truth that doing a business online is way cheaper than offline (traditional business). We dont have to rent a store, create a product or buy products, work physcally, employ somebody, and spend over thousands of dollar each month.


By building an online business, we can cut all the expenses to even less than the cost a cup of coffee every day! Just think about it. In order for ordinary folks out there to get a job, they need to invest their college education. Unfortunately, school systems never teach how to become financially freedom instead they teach us how to slave and build other people wealth.

The Terminology of Online Business is Really Simple!

#1. Find An Interest or Audience

interest-of-audience-240x300This means that we can choose anything we like to promote. It will be enjoyable if the thing we are promoting is part of our interests. By that, We can target the audience comfortably and effectively. Lets say: Tony loves everything about travelling. He can promote things from travelling industries, such as air-fare tickets, tourism packages, hotels booking, travel event promotions, and many more! He is able to promote this easily because of his hobby, it will be naturally done without any complication. And of course, Tony will earn some commissions from his sales. We really can promote anything we like!


#2. Create An Automated Store

autoamted-store-300x212Guess what? Build a website! Automated here doesn’t mean no work is required. It will become automated only we have keep it up and running. Based on my experience, if you do it consistently throughout the day, within 3 months it will start earning some revenues. STILL!!! Much better than traditional approach.


#3. Get it ranked and visitors will start coming in!

website-ranking-300x240There are techniques to get your website ranked high on search engines and gained more exposure to the visiotrs. However, that all can be learnt step-by-step. It seems scary though, trust me it is easy! If you are just starting out, just relax..there is unlimited online opportunities that can help you succeed on doing your business. You can review one of them below here :


#4. Make Promotion & Earn Revenue

earn-revenue-220x300After we’ve learnt how to get ranked high on search engines, automatically we get tons of visitors coming into our website in daily basis. Now, we need to find the type of product we want to promote related to our interest. Ex : Hair dryer, Washing Machine, Spectacles, Real Estates, Rice Cooker, you name it! We can get almost everything from Amazon alone. And there is so many big company out there like Amazon, offer the same kind of affiliate program. After having done with the product promotions, we just wait for visitors to purchase from our unique links within our website. The next thing you know, money comes while you are sleeping.

Those are a quick overview of what is possible on doing business online. Again, if it sounds strange to you, it is totally okay. Every single person has to start somewhere. We learn and will progress better, it is for our freedom! Imagine in 5 years time, from working at home 2-3 hours per day to actually earn a full time income. Believe me.. When we decide to focus on this, will make a good living in the few years time without depending on paycheck after paycheck. Heck, take it even more seriously? You will see some real results in 6 months.


simple-smileI hope that can give you an idea of online business is. Please share this information as it helps and leave a comment below. I’d love to get back to you

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